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Tour Golf Products has all the latest in iron head designs. Find the style that fits your game and rest assured you are playing the highest quality golf club components you can buy. From game improvement designs to iron heads for better golfers, Tour Golf has a style for everyone.
You can't find a better value in golf - Tour Golf Products iron heads.
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XTR Iron Heads
Model 4218 - XTR
Our Price: $7.00
New Tour Series Irons XTR Irons Limited Edition TS T2K8 Draw Irons
New Tour Series Irons *Minimal offset design with thin face and thin topline
*Toe/Heel perimeter weighting
*Deep Undercut Cavity
*Low center of Gravity and High moment of inertia
*Unique, highly playable iron design
Tour Series Irons
Model 2505 - Dynaflite Irons
Our Price: $6.75
Sale Price: $3.00
Power Zone Cavity Irons Oversize Game Improvement Irons Two-Piece Hollow Sole High MOI Irons
Model 4505 - Tour Series Irons
Our Price: $6.25
Sale Price: $3.00
Tour Model 4220
Our Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $6.00
Tour Series 2200
Our Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $6.50
Progressive Cavity Irons * Extended Blade length
* Increased sole width for a high MOI
* Maximum perimeter weighting to provide a larger "sweet spot"
* "3 bar" system to dampen vibration
* Maximized perimeter weighting to improve MOI
* Perimeter weighting to allow more forgiveness on "miss hits"
* High COG for optimal ball-flight
* Classic shape with thin topline
Tour Series 2700
Our Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $6.00
Closeout Iron Heads
Our Price: $0.25
Our Price: $3.00
Close out Ironheads
-Assorted ironheads 3-9-PW-SW

***Please note we can not guarantee any specific model of heads, it is just a grab bag special****
* Cast stainless steel heads with thin topline
* Four way beveled sole and perimeter weighted cavity
* More upright and minimum offset for better control of shots

#5 Loft: 27deg, Lie: 62, Weight 256g, Blade length, 77mm, Offset 3.6mm
Mars Landing Gear
Our Price: $7.00
Model 4247 chipper
Our Price: $9.00
The EMS wedges allows a player to adjust a heads Center of Gravity to create the most desireable ball flight pattern. Whether a player is seeking a draw, fade, higher, or lower shot, the EMS wedges' weight system makes it possble.
* Have a unique Tri-Balance weighting
* Adjustable CG
* Popular Head Design
* Classic Blade Wedges
* Abrasive high pressure sand blast face
* Optimum bounce angles
* High polish mirror finish
Wide soled, offset chipper.
Loft: 37 deg.
Weight: 315 grams
Hosel: 370 dia.
Model 4249- Chipper
Our Price: $7.00
Unique design chipper

Weight- 310 grams
Loft- 37 deg.
370 hosel dia.